The Canadian Transportation Agency is committed to consulting with Canadians.

Through consultations, the Agency gains a greater understanding of the perspectives of a wide range of citizens, stakeholders and experts and therefore develops more informed and effective policies and programs.

For advice on accessibility issues, the Agency also consults its Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Regulatory Modernization Initiative

The Agency is conducting a full review of the regulations, guidelines and tools it administers.

This Regulatory Modernization Initiative will ensure that it keeps pace with changes in business models, user expectations and best practices in the regulatory field.

Consultation Status
Accessible transportation Ended September 15, 2017.
Air transportation Ended September 29, 2017.
Consumer protection for air travellers Ended August 28, 2018.
Rail transportation Ended September 30, 2018.

A separate public consultation on data required to evaluate the effectiveness of the anticipated air passenger protection regulations and assess the air travel experience more broadly is being led by Transport Canada.

Closed consultations

Consultation Results
Agency's Regulatory Costing Model (ARCM) We are analyzing the input.
Methodology for determining CN's and CP's Capital Structure under the Maximum Revenue Entitlement Program We are analyzing the input.
Milton Logistics Hub Project A joint review process was established. For more information, see the environmental assessment registry at, reference number 80100.